Professional Diploma in International Auditing Standards (ISAS)

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Marketing and Sales


  • Lectures 30
  • Quizzes 4
  • Duration 20 hours
  • Skill level Advanced
  • Language Arabic
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

professional diploma for obtaining the ISAS certification depends on applying the training curricula in a practical way, while helping the participants to obtain the certificate.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identifying recent trends in detecting fraud and forgery in the company's financial transactions.
  • The role of administrative audit offices in ensuring the quality of financial and administrative performance in the company.
  • Improving the elements and data within the company in all its departments.
  • Monitoring and following up the financial statements and accounts issued by all departments concerned with accounting work.
  • The role of administrative audit offices in achieving administrative and financial discipline in the company.